Who am I?

Hello!cochlear implant
As you see from my previous post, I am 26 years old and profoundly deaf (From birth) born and raise in the North-West of England. As  you can see from the right picture, this is what I wear, Cochlear Implant. I am proud to wear it and it helps me to hear.
I have always wanted to travel for years, but my hearing, or lack of has always stopped me from doing this. I was always afraid of what other people may think of me and treat me differently. Relationships also stopped me from going! Now I have no personal relationship commitment! So…Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest. And it is time to conquer my fear. life
So, why do I want to travel? I will tell you five things why I want to travel.
  1.  Expanding perspective
  2.  Appreciating life
  3.  Escaping from reality
  4.  Experiencing culture
  5.  Traveling proves that dreams can come true