Back to Phuket and onto Ao Nang!

Back to Phuket!

Sorry for lack of blogs due to being busy with travelling and enjoying it!

So let’s get on topic! Yes, I went back to Phuket. Why!! Simple, I like Phuket, especially on Karon Beach. It is such a beautiful beach and gorgeous looking. So, why did I come back? As you can remember from my post, My Adventure in Bangkok and Phuket. I went for a days training with group of friends. This time, I went for  four days training of Muay Thai Fighting, with a professional instructor, Tony Naka. He is an excellent trainer, who knows his stuff, if you ever get to Phuket, I highly recommend him if you want to learn Muay Thai fighting and keep yourself fit. He really pushed met to the maximum and I was struggling toward the end of the lesson, but it was well worth it, and I felt i had achieved something to make  it through the lessons. If I ever come back again to Phuket, especially to Karon Beach, I will come back to Tony Naka Muay Thai without any hesitations! I also recommend you to visit his website, Naka Muay Thai.

I have also met another wonderful group of people, here at Doolay Hostel. Yes I went back to Doolay Hostel. It is such a great hostel! The staff are so friendly and willing to help and make you feel at home. The mattress is really thick, to ensure that you will have good night sleep. (very important!) I know I did! It is only cost 200 baht a night! Such a bargain price! And it is in such a great area, away from party areas.

We all went for meals together, sharing food, and afterwards going to the bar for some beers, karaoke and live music. It was such a great night! Lots of laughter! Everyone is so understanding with my hearing, and speaks slowly and clearly for me and they all look at me when they speak to me. I feel forever grateful for that and I feel wanted to be part of the amazing bunch of group! We shall meet up again somewhere through our travels!


During my last few days in Phuket before heading to Ao Nang, Krabi. I went to the sea food market to buy some seafoods, but I am not a seafood person! However I went along for experience. There are hundreds, if not…Thousands of differant seafood to choose from such as Crabs, Cods, Tunas, Squids, Mussels, Clams and Cuttlefish, they are so many different types of food! Sadly, I couldn’t bring myself to buy any seafood to try! So I went for chicken fried rice with vegetables, yes I know…I am boring and should try it! Maybe next time! A friend of mine, an American, Jerry bought a huge fish which was approximately 45cm long! It was really huge!  I didn’t take a photo of My bad! I’ll remember next time! When you have bought your seafood and vegetables, you can simply walk across to a restaurant and hand your goods in and they will happily cook it for you and make a meal out of it. We went to Khun Pha Rawai BBQ which is a pretty decent place!



Ao Nang


Firstly! I would like to say….Welcome to Ao Nang!


Ao Nang is a resort town in southern Thailand’s Krabi Province and the busiest in Krabi Province. It’s known for its long Andaman coast beachfront. There are many longtail boats that will take you to Railay Beach for no more than 150 baht per person and takes around 15 minutes. Railay Beach is very well known destination for rock climbers whether you are a novice  or experienced climber.

Fun fact : Rai Leh is primarily known as a rock climbing hot spot, attracting climbers from all over the world to its superb towering limestone crags.

Ao Nang. It is such a lovely place and certainly more lively than Karon Beach which is a nice change of pace. I stayed at the Sleeper Hostel, it is only approximately 10 minutes walk to the beach, there are many shops and restaurant dotted about, especially lots of massage places! I spent half a day on the beach with the Canadians whom I met at Phuket, and at Koh Phi Phi, and again at Ao Nang! It is such an amazing how you get to know other travellers and end up spending time with them  on the beach and going out for tea, yes tea! Not dinner (Let’s not argue which is right and which is wrong!) Its always tea! Okay! So, let’s get back on topic! We went to an Indian restaurant, my goodness it was amazing! But I cannot remember the name of the dish, but it was under specials! And it is yummy, yummy! It came with plain steamed rice, vegetable curry and  naan bread,  we all shared, it is such an  experience I would do it again!


Next day. I went to Railay Beach, it is such an awesome little beach there were many rock climbers about! It is one of the best destination in South East Asia. If you want see an awesome viewpoint and to see Lagoon in Railay, please, please don’t do what I did! I went with flip flops and had to climb over rocks  climbing up and down on the ladders. I had to do it with bare feet, luckily I wasn’t the only who went bare footed. So bring   hiking boots or trainers, bare in mind it will be very muddy! I met a German guy, called Hans  we just met before the  start of the climb, so we helped each other  its very tiring but well worth the visit to see such a lovely Lagoon. It  feels like you’re in a Jurassic Park!


I followed a recommendation from my friend, Danial who has lived in Ao Nang for a very long time, his recommendation is to visit a restaurant called Pooky’s Place. It is about 20 minutes walk from the beach, but it is worth it and you will not be disappointed! My goodness! The best burger I had ever tasted in my life!! They also do homemade chunky chips which tastes awesome! It is called “Pooky’s Burger” Yes I also ordered garlic bread with cheese, I was hungry! And it is…Yummmmmy! Whoops, I made a mess on the picture below! Oh dear!




These pictures below are sunset of Ao Nang at the beach, enjoy!



All pictures are taken by me from my smartphone and my Lumix camera and I am no expert.


Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Phi Phi island is probably the most famous island in Thailand. We all remember it as the gorgeous white beach that Leonardo DiCaprio finds in “The Beach” this is known as Maya Beach. Owing to the film  this  island is one of the most visited island in Thailand.  This beach is quite busy  with lots of longtail boats and speedboats parked up on the beach,  I personally like quieter beaches with fewer people.


Koh Phi Phi is a beautiful island to visit and there are many islands surrounding it such as Bamboo Island,  Bida Nok Island, Bida Noi Island, Maya Bay, Monkey Island and Mosquito Island. There are lots to visit and see.  All of these beaches are beautiful and delightful to visit. Bamboo Beach and Maya Bay are amongst the most gorgeous islands I have seen in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is the largest island of the group. Koh Phi Phi has no cars and very, very few scooters which is brilliant, because the Island is so small and everywhere is in walking distance! And they use push carts to transport goods around the island.

Across from the hostel

I went on a boat tour on a longtail boat around Phi Phi and nearby islands to explore the wonderful beaches. It was a brilliant day. As you can tell from the pictures that I took with my camera and my phone, it is a beautiful little island. Did I mention beautiful? IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS! I highly recommend a visit Koh Phi Phi whether you are going in the high  or low season. Let’s get back on topic of my longtail boat tour, I recommend this as you get see all the islands such as Bamboo Beach, Maya Bay and Monkey beach and many other things. You get your moneys worth! It is only cost 600-700 Thai Baht (Depending on tour company) plus 400 Thai Baht towards Phi Phi Marine National Park.

I went to Phi Phi viewpoint, it is a very steep walk up to the viewpoint, however it is worth it  to see the whole view of Phi Phi and if you are lucky, you may get to see a glorious sunset at around 6pm, I was unlucky! All I got were clouds covering the sun! Not a happy person! But hey ho, thats mother nature for you.  As you can see from the picture of the viewpoint. Do you know what this reminds me of? It looks like a shape of dumbbells! So thin in the middle of Phi Phi and wide towards the each side!



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If you fancy blowing of steam   you can take part in a Muay Thai Fight. Go and visit Reggae Bar (It is in the middle of Phi Phi). Very easy to find! Every time you step in the ring and fight, you’ll get  free bucket of your chosen spirits/liquor and mixer and a gold medal for participating. My friends and I all volunteered to fight each other for fun! We all wore protection pads and gloves! So it’s safe!



What do I think of Koh Phi Phi?

Koh Phi Phi is the most expensive island, that I have visited during my stay in Phi Phi,  due to the tourism and it is over development. its very popular due to the stunning beaches, especially

As you can see, the tide goes out in the middle of the day, but goes back in in the late evening

long beach where it has white sands, and feels so soft. On high or low season,  you can  go to the main beach, it can  be crowded but once the tide goes out, the beach doubles in size. If  its crowded, I recommend you to take a twenty minute walk to the other side of Phi Phi to Long Beach, it is stunning, but the water is not as clear but it still looks beautiful. As you can see from below pictures. However, on the main beach you can rent a kayak in open water for 150 baht, I highly recommend it only if the weather is good! Don’t do it when it is choppy and raining badly! When you get into open water and away from the main beach, turn left toward another beach, it is the largest beach I have ever seen and there is clear water too! It is called Monkey Beach, Nestled in a cove, north-west of Loh Dalam Bay. Monkey bay is reached by walking or renting a long tail, but the most fun way which we did was to rent a kayak! This takes at least 20-30 minutes to get there depending how strong you are whilst paddling. Walk along the coast and consider buying a waterproof bag if you plan to bring your picnic or camera. Just be very careful when you are there, if I were you, don’t bring any food because the monkeys can be aggressive. I have heard about them attacking people, so don’t bring any food!!. If you want to leave your bags on kayak on the beach, you can do so but you need to be very alert! When we were there the monkeys tried to steal our bags! So we put some very heavy rocks on the bags to prevent them stealing our bags! And it works a treat! We tried to chase them away but didn’t work and one of the monkeys ended up chasing us! And we had to run into the sea! Then they kept watching us, after a while they got bored and went back to the tree, finally we can enjoy ourselves on the beach for an hour. When we came, it was four of us, two, British, , an American and a French guys. When we got there, there was Three more people! All Canadians, on that monkey bay alone, it was only seven of us. It is so peaceful and we all can enjoyed the peace and quiet (apart from the monkeys chasing us). It is amazing how you can meet people while traveling around! The four of us ended up spending a lot of time together, going out for food and drinks so you do not need to be alone!


I recommend you get a Lonely Planet guide book it recommends visiting Pa-Noi in the Food market area. I got a Pad Thai with Chicken which tasted delicious , and they do excellent shakes! (I kept going back there because it is so cheap),  I also tried different meals there and not once was I disappointed. If you are traveling  on a budget, I highly recommend you visit there! You will not be disappointed at all! You must, must, must visit this little restaurant!

If you want a hostel that stays away from the main beach and away from party area, I recommend Chao Koh Dorm Room which I found very reasonable,  only  250 baht per night. Bear in mind, it is one huge room with 32 beds. As most of the hostels/hotels are more 400 baht a night or even a luxury which could cost over 1,000 baht a night!

Would I recommend visiting Phi Phi? Yes I would recommend it, but for only  3-4 days. Because any longer than that i would be struggling for new things to do,  since it is such a small island. Everywhere is walking distance. There are many boat tours you can go on and also they are numbers of scuba diving company! I wish I could have gone scuba diving, but due to my hearing and the pressure of the depths i could not go, however if I had emailed my Manchester Implant Team earlier to find out how deep I could go without damaging my “Nucleus” then i would have found that i could have gone to a depth of 20 metres, I would have done so but I left it too late. If you like scuba diving, I highly recommend it and you will enjoy it. I used to do it when I was younger before I had my Cochlear Implant.

They are few fire shows around Phi Phi, but the best fire show, in my personal opinion is across from Chao Koh Dorm Room. Also they are a few on the main beach. But across from the hostel beats any other fire shows. I have not took any pictures as I was too busy enjoying myself and laughing with  people that I had met from the hostel!

So, I recommend visiting Phi Phi in low season if you don’t mind the rain every now and again! (In high season, it can cost you a lot more).  So go and visit Phi Phi, do the boat tours, visit Maya Bay and see Bamboo Beach. Beware of the aggressive Monkeys (learn to run fast) 🙂


My adventure in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is such a wonderful country to visit whether  it’s for a holiday or backpacking on a limited budget. Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha.

At the start of my travels, I decided to start at Bangkok for a couple of nights then head south to Phuket, Phi Phi, Ao Nang and Krabi. Just staying around in Southern Thailand before heading to Hanoi, Vietnam.


Bangkok is a nice city to explore, but I only stayed there for two nights and didn’t see much, but I hope I will come back one day to explore properly. On the first day, I arrived at Bangkok at 6:50am and was ready for some sleep! After being in the plane for 11 hours straight from Copenhagen. So I spent half of my day sleeping at the Thaitone Hostel, which is a good hostel. It is a good distance away from Khao San Road and very quiet if you want to get a good night sleep. I went on couchsurfing app on my phone to see who’s there and a


potential meet up. This app is brilliant for meeting local people and hearing about their lives and culture. I met a lady called May who is Thai, she is a wonderful person  who took me to Chinatown for some street food and afterwards, took me to Khao San Road for few beers and have a laugh! It was such a good night! I hope I will be able to see her again in the future for catch up! Next day, I went to watch Muay Thai Fight at the stadium, it was a brilliant atmosphere, and there was lots of fights and a few knockouts! It’s well worth the baht (Thai currency)



Phuket is such a great place to visit! I stayed at Doolay Hostel. This hostel is the best I have seen in Thailand by far, (not that I’ve been in that many). The staff are brilliant and so understanding. There is a common room with a big curved TV, with many DVDs and they have Netflix, which is ideal on rainy days especially in low season with the monsoon. Doolay Hostel is located right across from the beach where you get to see beautiful sunsets. (It’s a photo opportunity) You can meet and interact with other backpackers and guests in the common room. These few days have been very enjoyable, meeting other people and doing things and going places together. I  went training in  Muay Thai at Tony Naka Muay Thai, who is an excellent  instructor  and a professional fighter. We also went  out to the Bangla Road, Patong. I have really had an excellent time and hope this is the start of a really enjoyable experience for me.
These are a great bunch of people! Hey guys….Reunion next year? 😉 😉



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