A Crazy and Stressful Journey to Phong Nha

Yes, this is a crazy journey from Hoang Mai to Phong Nha, why? Well, you will find out why later on in this post. Stressful and crazy at the same time. We left fairly early in the morning after a wild night with the Vietnamese guys, eating, drinking, dancing, arm wrestling and singing. The crazy thing is, these  guys thought, Gabriel, Marco and I are gay!  We soon let them know that we were not, a lot to do  with communication barrier, but overall, it was a really good and wild night.

It did take us a while to find a petrol station to fill my  motor bike with some juice to get me to Phong Nha journey. We stopped on route for  breakfast to fill our bellies up, enough to keep us going for a 6 hour journey stretching around 300 km (186 miles) the route was boring and dull as there wasn’t much to see.  As soon we got onto the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the scenery changed and was beautiful. However…However, it’s got crazy as we were supposed to get to Phong Nha for 17:00pm, but we ended up getting there just after 19:00, why? That is a very good question. (Answer below).

My bike decided a double puncture would add to the days entertainment, yes you read it right, TWO TYRES in a space of an hour!  *Crying emoji* first puncture was just outside of a house in middle of nowhere, luckily a Vietnamese guy came out to see what was going on, he didn’t understand a word of English, so we pointed at the problem and he brought out a pump. So I  pumped my tyre up, but I filled too much air and it went…KABOOOOOOM. Luckily  a  guy on a motorbike stopped and rang a mechanic up for us to get new tube, after a while of waiting around and voila he came, fixed my bike up and inflated it to the correct pressure, I paid the mechanic and we were on our way again.

Now, my bike is healthy and ready to conquer the road once again! on route we met some German  backpackers along the road, Viven and Fynn with their motorbikes, they are doing the same route as we were, going to Phong Nha. An hour later, my bike couldn’t take it anymore and decided to have a second puncture on the SAME NEW TUBE! Why is this happening to me! Luckily, I was only 3 minutes from the bike mechanic shop, and I asked for a new tube and some brake pads. After a while of waiting and getting my bike back to her health, and it was good to go! Finally, we arrived at Shambalaa Hostel, Phong Nha 8 hours later! Such a crazy and stressful journey especially the last 2 hours! Iv’e never been so happy to get to the hostel and just grab the first beer of the day.

That night, we all decided to go out and celebrate the journey that we took from Hoang Mai to Phong Nha at Easy Tiger Hostel. We met Viven and Arjan there, we had a lot to drink, shots after shots, more free shots and some decent food! Gabriel went back to the hostel early, Marco and I stayed, but I retired at 2am, however…Marco fell asleep at the hostel bar down the street and woke up at 6am! Haha Marco! Overall is was a good fun filled night and I end up having a selfie with a cow in the middle of the road before going back to the hostel! Whoops!  (i don’t think we are engaged)


Gabriel, Marco, Claudi, Bi Bi and I went to Botanic Gardens, it only costs £1.35. This is the best £1.35 I have ever spent we hiked a good 2-3 hours around the Botanic Gardens, seeing the waterfalls and such  breathtaking views, the most amazing view I have witnessed with my own eyes. It is such an incredible feeling, and I felt free with nothing around me, just my traveling companions admiring the views in front of us.


Not the best video, but hey its something that counts, right!

Best view ever.jpg
(Left to right) Marco, I, Bi Bi, Claudi and Gabriel admiring the view







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