Onwards to Hue

Yep, finally…Time to hit the road once again and conquer it with my Rocket (Motorbike). After staying and being stuck in Phong Nha due to awful weather at Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An. The worst and deadliest typhoon in Vietnam’s history for the past 16 years.

The journey was challenging since the distance was 212km (132 miles) to get there and took us 4 hours. Why was the journey challenging? Well, the three musketeers (Gabriel, Marco and I) did 3 hours 30 minutes in a pouring, heavy rain due to typhoon Damery, but at the same time it was rather fun! Least we got a bit of sun at the start, but would rather have the sun for the last 30 minutes of the journey to give us a chance to dry out a  our clothes whilst riding our motorbikes. The view is still spectacular on Ho Chi Minh Trail (when it is not raining!) I managed to take a few photo’s before it started pouring down.

My 1st night at Hue Backpackers hostel, it was crazy! we met Daniel who stopped outside our hostel in his mini bus  he was suppose to go to Hanoi from Da Nang, but we persuaded him into staying at Hue for 2 nights and it worked! It was good to see Daniel again and a great catch up. So that night, it was crazy, yes it is…For some reason Marco and Daniel went across to the clothes shop to buy some clothes and end up buying a dress each, then Gabriel and Marco’s friend Micheal brought some. Then I was  pressured into buying one, so I did! (didn’t need much persuading) And now we all dress up as ladies for the night. We sang, played games of pool, and drank good beers! It was such a good evening! As you can see the pictures from below! Ladies night rules to take the advantages of drinks offers!

LAdies night 2.jpg

After staying 1 night in Hue Backpackers, I changed the hostel for more homely and cozy. So I went to New Life Homestay which is 1 minute drive from Hue Backpackers. The homestay is so lovely, wish I took some pictures to show you. This homestay is a proper house with a family living there. They provide free breakfast, a senior lady made a mean Banana Pancake or Fried Egg with bread. Both are really tasty. This homestay was 100k per night, which is very good, I ended up staying there for 3 more night, because the family were so lovely. The location is brilliant, with many shops and restaurants to choose from. I would definitely come back to this homestay. This has been the best homestay I have been to so far on my travels. Thick comfortable mattress, they always asked me if I am okay, etc. This family truly looks after you and you do feel a part of the family. Since I spent most of my one afternoon in bed due to not being well. When I woke up to go downstairs to get some fresh air, they asked me if I am okay. They really go above and beyond to make sure you are enjoying the stay and get anything you may need. I hope to come back in future! Sơn Lê if you are reading this…Thank you so much for looking after me during my enjoyable stay!

Marco and I went to the Imperial City, which is inside Hue, a 2nd city. It has a a walled palace within the citadel of the city of Hue. There are some temples, gardens and tombs within the citadel. It is beautify designed, but its been raining hard recently and some area had been damaged and flooded. But don’t let that stop you from visiting the place. In order to get in and explore the whole area, IT IS HUGE! You’ll have to pay 150,000 dong. Which I found to be reasonable, we spent a good 2 hours there, just walking around and enjoying the scenery and the sun. That day was so sunny which made the trip more enjoyable, well…Our trip! There is war museum ranging from world war 2 to Vietnam War.


In the few next few days, the three musketeers went to the abandoned water park before heading to Da Nang, this is located around 10-12 km away, just outside Hue. It is at Thuy Tien Lake. It is worth the visit to kill the time. The water park is huge. The whole place is not so abandoned. There are still people who visit the place. There are some locals and backpackers who come, visit and chill. There is a food stall there as well so you can have something to eat and drink . But still the whole place is worth a visit. And it only costs 20,000 dong to enter the water park. Lots of graffiti on the water slides, the dragon is at the centre of the water park. Inside of the dragon, there are many smashed up, what I think it is…Water tanks? Sea life Aquarium? Judge it for yourself! Overgrown grass on the steps. Lots of branches along the road, makes it dangerous for motorbike riding, but fun and challenging.



This time, I have been using my camera! Photo’s do indeed looks better with my camera than my phone!









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