Hoi An

Hoi an is a beautiful little town, an ancient town that has influences with the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and French.  The buildings are beautifully designed and well detailed. Many of the shops look to be a hundred years old. Thousands of colourful lanterns hanging from buildings in the streets, full of energetic and vibrant activity.








Gabriel lantern.jpg
Took by Gabriel, AKA Visualize Leaving

This picture above, taken by Gabriel (a fellow traveller) who is fairly new to taking photo’s. Keep it up, you’ll go a long way! Follow his stories on his blog.

It is such a beautiful  town, especially the old town, where the lanterns are to walk on and it does make you feel peaceful apart from lots of chatting around in the area. But hey, what can you do!

Whilst i was in Hoi An I went to the two best restaurants the food was fantastic and so cheap as well.  We used the  Lonely Planet guide book and TripAdvisor and found a hidden gem, called Bale Well Gardens Restaurants, which is couple of minutes away from the main road, it is located in an alley. There are few food stalls and a hair dresser shops in the alley as well. Bale Well Gardens, is amazing! They only have a one dish menu, so you get pork skewers, spring rolls, crispy egg omelette, kimich, vegetables, green leaves, chilli sauce and rice paper wraps. Best thing about this? It cost £4.50 per person! And you get a lot! So worth it, delicious and tasty the staff who work there are kind and friendly, they showed us in what order for to load the food in the rice paper wrap.

Bale Well Garden

Another foodie restaurant called Banh Mi Queen (Bahn My Queen) and it has the best Vietnamese sandwich I have ever tasted.  It is run by a lovely elderly lady, Madam Khanh and her family. There are limited choice, but we went for the Chicken, Pate, Egg, Egg sauce, vegetables, coriander and chilli sauce. The price? 65p, yes you read it right…SIXTY FLIPPIN’ FIVE PENCE! 65p! 65p! 65p!

Outside of Banh Mi Queen
Yummy sandwiches


On the day we went to Bale Well Garden, a lady  took us to a tailors  who  happened to be her cousin. The tailor shop called Bao Diep, one of the best in Hoi An. This town, has so many tailors and leather shops. It is cheap, cheap compared to what you get back home for me in this case it’s United Kingdom. A friend of mine, Marco brought 2 suits, 2 pants, 3 shirts, a tie and handkerchief. All of this comes to the price of $325 (£240) which is a bargain because all of these are custom made. So you just pick material, choose a style you like. Then back for 3 fittings. Voila suit made! Perfect fit as well. I didn’t get a suit but I had 2 t-shirt made with my logo on it.  The more you buy, the cheaper it is, everything takes about 3 days.





There is leather shop which is pretty awesome, again  made to order perfect fit for your feet every time. But it is not just shoes, they make handbags as well as wallets. These are very skilled leather workers. I didn’t get any shoes, but Marco did, he brought a pair of leather shoes. Such a slick design!

Marco's shoes.jpg
Marco’s shoes




I am going to leave it here for you to enjoy my blog post and admiring the lovely photographs. I know it is a small blog post, but I hope, in next few posts will be big!





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