A Dream Town for Adrenaline Junkie, Dalat

Dalat is located in the central highlands of Vietnam, surrounded by pine forests, waterfalls and hills.

Do you love the water? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you like adventure sports? Then Dalat is the ideal place for you, whether you want to go canyoning, rafting, rock climbing or mountain biking.  Surrounded by nothing but trees, bushes, rocks and mountains.  Not suitable if you have difficulty walking as nothing is on a flat level.  There are tree roots and bark covering the canyon floor, making it interesting at times, suitable footwear is a must (no flip flops) if you want to  leave with your toes intact. the sound and smells are so extreme from the hustle and bustle of the cities and the pollution from the motorbikes and cars, there are no car horns peeping or motorbikes revving, just the sound of nature.  Birds singing water running down the mountains cascading over waterfalls, it is so tranquil, its breathtaking.  I can still taste the water from a stream, so clean clear and cold. (the best water I have ever tasted).  I find the peace intoxicating. I’m thrilled to be here in Dalat surrounded by mother nature.


Canyoning is amazing! Cliff jumps from 11metres or more, you feel like a daredevil or superman. Jumping from cliffs into lakes, swimming from point to point sliding down streams on your front or on your back (don’t worry safety gear is provided)  the adrenaline rush is amazing. This was a guided event the guides are very experienced and knowledgeable all safety equipment and instructions on how to wear it was given. It was crazy experience. The group I was with was awesome, we were a mixture of nationalities such as British, Swiss, Dutch, German and Americans, oh and Swedish! It is amazing how you meet people and learn about their culture.



Dalat is known as the most whimsical city in Vietnam. it has the most famous Vietnamese work of art in the world, it is called the Crazy House this is the most whimsical attraction. Definitely a must see when in Dalat. As well as the Crazy Hour there is the Maze bar this is a must see as well (if you have ever been in a maze you will know what I mean)! Crazy house…is just crazy! Wacky, funky, unusual, it is a must visit attraction while you are in Dalat.  You can get lost easily if you drink too much alcohol and have no idea where to go. You have to think and find a way to get to the roof top, as there is a bar and a nice view overlooking the small town toward the centre, where you can see lots of bustling people trying to sell their goods from their small wooden stalls.




The hostel, I stayed at called Dalat Sky Hostel, which is a pretty cool hostel, with decent comfortable mattress. They host a family dinner every night for a price of 75k dong (£2.50) which is a bargain, and guess what…You can eat as much as you want until the buffet runs out! They do different dishes every day, ranging from Sweet and Sour Chicken strips, Pork in juicy white garlic sauce, Beefy Pho Bo with lots of vegetables and thick sauce (Not watery stuff), vegetarian Spring Rolls, warm crusted bread, Pumpkin soup, fried Chicken, crispy oven Tofu, Egg Salad with Green leaves, oven garlic vegetables (Carrot, Peppers, Green Beans, Onions) And many more! All of them taste so delicious and yummy. Well worth the money in my opinion. I didn’t go anywhere else for dinner. Just at Sky Hostel, because it is cheap and very reasonable and it is home cooked. (I cant decide if this is a travel blog or a food one, you decide) Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures with the food, since I haven’t got a camera with me, and my phone died!


I am going to try and catch up with my blog that I have not been doing for past 2 months due to no wifi’s and the keyboard decided to break down and also been on the road for nearly a month in Australia. Sorry to keep you all waiting!


Peace out and safe travels! And eat well!