Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands

Selamat datang, everyone! Do you know what selamat datang means? It means…Welcome! Now you know!

Malaysia is such a great country to visit and they are very friendly and welcoming. I have seen so many  people on Facebook groups ( Malaysia / Singapore Backpacker Group) asking is it safe to travel? Of course it is safe to travel, I have traveled solo on many stages of my travels, and always made friends. And my favorite Canadian, Laurel whom I met in Thailand and again in Vietnam,  arrived in Malaysia.  And we met up again for a bite to eat, (an amazing Roti Tissue).

Roti Tissue!

Kuala Lumpur, it is an amazing city, with worlds tallest twin tower, this city is also  heaven to foodies, they’re so many food stalls, especially in the heart of Bukit Bintang district. If you go to Jalan Alor street, there are many food stalls and restaurants to choose from, ranging from Pad Thais, Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup), BBQ’ed Frogs, they are many to choose from! I did have a frog, and surprisingly it is not chewy, rubbery or anything like that. It is tender, juicy and definitely tasty! Yummmmmmy! I would eat it again! I also had frog porridge in Singapore which was also really good! At the start, I thought it will taste horrible, and didn’t go for it, but I am glad I did. I mean…Why not? You only live once and also, you are in their country,  I wanted to experience their culture and cuisine.

Twin Tower! (I know it is not a good photograph, but I am a rookie with my camera)


Frog and among other foods on the stick….Yummy!

Cameron Highlands is a great place to visit, but in my opinion it is really touristy,  I went on my own to hike around for good 4-5 hours on a hiking trail through the forest, there was no need for a guide. There are approximately 10-12 different hiking trails throughout Cameron Highlands. I personally took hiking trail number 7 and 8.

The trees grow so close together and the paths were not very distinctive, the ground was covered in fallen pine needles and branches resulting from some recent high winds. The trail was winding and dense, I had to be careful not to get my backpack caught in the branches.  The trees grow so tall that you cannot see the canopy sometimes this made the trail very dark in places, my feet were covered in bark and grasses along the path.

Malaysia is an excellent country for hikers, especially the Cameron Highlands, which is  Malaysia’s tea producing capital, being due to the high altitude and cool climate. if you visit a plantation you can follow the entire production of how its made. You can drink the freshest tea you will ever have along with a scone overlooking the huge tea plantation.

Tea Plantation


Robinson Waterfall in Tanah Rata


At the top of the hiking trail number 7/8



So Welcome to Malaysia, honestly I can just say…Malaysia is a brilliant country and well worth visiting. The food….is out of the world! Yummmmmmmmy (even the Frogs)I will be back to Jalan Alor street food street!