Things you need to do when you arrive in Australia

First of all, well done! You have finally arrived in Australia! Let the fun begin! But before you start having the time of your life, lets get things in order before you start adventuring out to the jungle, off-roading on a 4×4, scuba diving or being a daredevil jumping off a cliff or jump off the plane and sky dive. Sounds pretty darn fun doesnt it!

  1. Medicare

Medicare is like NHS (National Health Services) for us, British Citizens. So it is an universal health scheme. It is a part of commonwealth government, not every country will get it. It guarantees  all citizens  access to a wide range of health care, with maybe a small cost or no cost at all. Australia has an agreement with 11 countries. So Australian citizens will get free healthcare for little cost when they come to live or work in those countries. Therefore as I hold a British passport  i am eligible to qualify for  Medicare.

Just go to any local Medicare bank. there are located throughout Australia. You can fill the form in at any branch,  make sure you bring your passport and visa paperwork that you should have before arriving in Australia.  They will check out the form, the card can take up to four weeks to arrive and it is valid for a year.

    2. Tax File Number

Tax File Number is very important to have, therefore it is to identifies you for tax and superannuation, which is a retirement fund (Superannuation). There is number of ways to get a TFN, depending on your situation. You must apply for a TFN because it helps you to get paid for any job, every job will need a tax file number. The number will come  either by email or post. Once you open a bank account, make sure you add the tax file number to it so you won’t get over taxed when you get paid. Just go to the bank that you want to open an account with. Give them your Tax File Number and they will happily add this to your bank details for tax purposes.

To apply is really easy, I did it without any issues. Tax File Number

3. Bank

There are many banks  throughout Australia, there are four major banks which are Westpac, Commonwealth, NAB (National Australia Bank) and ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) For Commonwealth, you can apply online to get the bank card and can collect when you arrive in Australia. They also will happily set it up for you, so your card is ready to use. For the other banks you need to apply to open an account when you arrive in Australia.

All you need is passport and National Insurance Number (For UK citizens) go to any branch of your choice to set it up. To transfer money over from overseas, I would not transfer money from bank to bank which cost a lot of money for transaction fees. I used Transferwise, which has a very low fee, depending  on how much you want to transfer. There is another one for huge transaction, which is Currencyfair and you can save a large amount of money.

4. Sim card

There are many different mobile providers throughout Australia. Two most popular are Optus and Telstra. Optus is great for cities and towns coverage. Telstra is the best for remote areas to get signal and coverage. It does work in the cities and towns as well, but not as good as Optus. I use Optus, which only costs  $30 a month to get 4 GB which is more than enough.

All you need to do is, go to any branch and say what you want and they will find the best deal for you.

Sounds easy, yeah? Anything else I miss out, just comment below and I’ll be sure to add to the list!



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