My name is Callum Lumsden…
Born and raised in North-West of England, and I am hard of hearing. So why a blog? Why not, I’d like to share with you my adventures. I am travelling for 2-3 years, maybe more, depending where my feet will take me. Being deaf does NOT stop you from following your dreams and aspirations, traveling and achieving your goals and seeing the world. Conquer your fears and just do it.
Why travel the world? I have been through bad relationships, and my granddad and grandma passing away in the space of 3 months, I just needed to get out, re-evaluate and my life back on track. You only get one life and you need to make the most of every day and live your life to the full.  Making and sharing wonderful memories with new friends throughout my travels thumb_1509173704089_1024before I get too old.
So, I sold my car, went back to my parents to live (to save all the money I could for my adventures) I left my job in order to achieve my dreams.  Twelve months later, I started my adventure in Bangkok, Thailand on 9th September 2017 and who knows where I will end up at the very, very end of my travels before heading back to reality.