South-East Asia Bucket List

  1. Skydive
  2. Zip line
  3. Fly first class

  4. Learn to ride a motorbike
  5. Journey from North of Vietnam to South of Vietnam on the motorbike (DONE HALF)
  6. Visit Bangkok, Thailand
  7. Take a picture with pilot in a cockpit
  8. Go on a safari
  9. Watch Muay Thai fight, Bangkok
  10. Fight in Muay Thai ring, Thailand
  11. Learn Muay Thai, Thailand
  12. Wander around the temples of Wat Angkor, Cambodia
  13. Explore Trang An, Vietnam
  14. Visit Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai
  15. Discover paradise in French Polynesia
  16. Hiking in Sapa, Vietnam
  17. Explore Hoi An,Vietnam
  18. Visit Georgetown, Penang
  19. Catch the white temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand
  20. Visit Kuang Si Falls, Laos
  21. Phong Nha Botanic Gardens, Vietnam
  22. Komodo Island, Indonesia
  23. Tonlé Sap Lake’s floating village, Cambodia
  24. Visit Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand
  25. Phuket, Thailand
  26. Gardens by the bay, Singapore
  27. Cross the bustling streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  28. Cruise along Mekong Delta, Vietnam
  29. Bali, Indonesia
  30. Visit Palawan Island (El Nido or Coron)
  31. Spend Christmas aboard
  32. Hike in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Deaf Essentials on the Road

If you’re going on a round the world trip, a city break, a beach holiday, or anything that you want to do. I hope my guide will help you and provide what you may need for your adventure.

Before I think about grabbing my headband, trainers and even my sunglasses. These items are what I need to take with to support my deafness.

I hope, this guide will be able to help you if you wear cochlear implant, hearing aids or anything that you’ve got to support you. These items shouldn’t take a lot of room.


  1. Spare Hearing Aids  – Always have spare hearing aids with you, because you will never know when it will break! If you are going to a country that’s got high humidity, there is a higher risk of your hearing aid not working properly due to build up of moisture. So if possible, always carry spare hearing aids, and don’t take the chance!
  2. Spare Cochlear Implant – If you are wearing a cochlear implant, like me. We cannot get a back up implant because it is ridiculous expensive! So, we have to take extra care with our implant! Hopefully in the future, we can be able to afford a spare implant.
  3.  Hearing aid and Cochlear implant batteries – Don’t you love it when you hear beeping sounds, warning you that you need to change batteries within 10 minutes or less. Don’t you find it annoying when you are in the middle of the conversation with family or friends and BAAAAAAM it’s dead, have to change batteries. Always take into account the length of time you will be traveling and calculate how many batteries plus extra packets because some batteries are faulty.
  4. Music Earphones – Music Earphones? No, wait…I meant to say, music “headphones” We can’t put earphones in our ear! Well, we can…But no sounds will come through! We have our own headphones and it can be rather expensive to replace! It cost me £57.00 (Without VAT) to replace mine! I lost mine when I was holidaying in Majorca, Spain. I lost it on the way to the hotel room from pool area. I retraced my steps within 5 minutes but it had disappeared. Safe to say, I wasn’t happy with myself! Click this link if you want to buy a headphone.
  5. Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant dry box – I cannot stress enough how much I recommend taking the dry box with you. It dries the processor out overnight. Just put your processor in the dry box and leave it overnight while you are sleeping. And voila! Dry as new! I have got my dry box from Manchester Implant team.
  6. Vibrating Alarm Clock – Please, please get a vibrating alarm clock. You don’t want to miss your transport, or even flight! My vibrating alarm clock saved me many from being late for work. No more stress sleeping! I currently used Vibrating Alarm Clock. This alarm clock only requires 1xAAA battery!


Next bit is optional and rather expensive to buy and takes slightly more space in your bag, but in my opinion is well worth the money and saves me in the long run. These options are for cochlear implant users, like myself.

7. Aqua + Kit – This kit will cost you £192.00 with VAT or £165.00 with no VAT (Personal use no VAT). You have no idea how much I love this kit! I use this Aqua equipment to make my implant waterproof, so I can hear people around me in the pool, ocean, or even going kayaking! It is such a great product! You can even use it while having a shower! This is the link that you need if you want to get this product. Aqua + Kit

8. Nucleus 5 Rechargeable Battery System – This is really expensive, but helps me in the long run as I don’t need to take as many disposable batteries with me ( You will need the batteries incase there is no electricity). This price will set you back £356.40 with VAT, or £297.00 with no VAT (Personal use no VAT). It comes with 2 rechargeable battery and it saves me having to pack tons of batteries! Here is the link if you wish to buy this product. Rechargeable Battery System


Bare in mind, when you are looking to buy a product, make sure that it does work with your device. There are currently four devices which are Kanso, Nucleus 5, Nucleus 6 and Nucleus Espirt 3G. I currently wear Nucleus 5.

I hope this guide will help you to plan your travels. If there is anything that I have missed and should be added to the list, contact me!