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Check this American guy out! His blog is well detailed and shows you what he did. Oh, and make sure you check out his photo’s and videos from his Gopro as well as from his drone. All his videos are just brilliant and well worth following! I am in some of his videos!

Gabriel’s Blog

A quote from “About”

“My name is Gabriel Odum…

Life has it’s rough spots. I am no exception. I got to a point in life where I needed a journey. I was raised in private schools, followed by 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. Don’t let the private school education fool you. Life at school may have been easy, but it was more or less masking some underlying problems at home. I went through a lot.

The Marine Corps was no different.

Eventually, I shrugged. I said “fuck it” after life hit me with a few more bombs. I wouldn’t say I broke, but I did bend enough to see another point of view. The dayGabriel about me.jpg to day grind of life back home wasn’t cutting it for me. So I did something.

I sold almost all of my physical possessions (Clothes, vehicle, house, dishes, random things that normal people have, etc…) to chase this dream, and for some reason I never found myself nervous. It felt like everything lead me to this. Occasionally I’ll find my eyes watering up with tears of happiness by just being here, but tell me that isn’t awesome.

I’ve given myself “4 years to travel”. Why 4 years? To be honest, I just chose a large number so I could give friends closure on a possible return. If I only make it 2 years, then they’ll be excited I came home early. If I make it 5 years, they’ll shrug that extra year off because I would’ve already been gone for 4. It’s just a game”

Gabriel’s Blog